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Suzie Cowan Lecturer Social Work, Social Work LTRHS

Sue currently works as the Academic Program Director, Bachelor Commmunity Services covering a number of 3rd party partnerships with TAFEs from across Victoria. This is part to an innovative program in which the collaborative model enhances the learning pathway of TAFE students into Tertiary education, building supportive scaffolding and aspiration. Sue continues to be part to the Social Work and Social Policy Department, following a number of years as a lecturer. Prior to teaching Sue joined the John Richards Initiative as a research officer and managed a number of JRI research projects and grant applications: including a) "Community Based Aged Care Assessment Service Mapping" an extensive exploration of the operationalisation and the challenges of the assessment processes as experienced by the key stakeholders of three aged related services of North East Victoria ACAS, HACC and Older Persons Mental Health Services as a response to the 2010 National Health Reforms ; b) "Social Inclusion and Information and Communication Technologie" the investigation of ICT adoption and adaption to facilitate social inclusion of older rural people; and c) IRT Project (NCVER) Enabling the community care workforce to address the current and future needs of those ageing in place.

Sue has a clinical background working across all age tiers of Mental Health. Her many roles within Mental Health compliments her research and contributions to professional field. Sue's past research focus had included the exploration of vicarious trauma of refugee advocates (Social Work, Hons), and the co-authoring of research project "Raped by a Partner" by Women's Health Goulburn North East. The later investigated the wide psychosocial implications of intimate partner rape providing a significant contribution to the Victorian Law Reform (2009); and drafting of the program model, the Nationally awarded 'B'Safe Program'.