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Dr Sharinne Crawford Research Fellow, Judith Lumley Centre

Dr Sharinne Crawford is an Early Career Researcher in the Transition to Contemporary Parenthood Program at the Judith Lumley Centre. Sharinne is an experienced health researcher, having worked predominantly on mixed methods research projects in the fields of health promotion, psychology, community health, nursing and community development. Sharinne completed her PhD in Health Promotion in 2011, with her study focusing on the evaluation of the Ride2School program that aimed to promote children’s active transport to school.

Her current research focuses on parent, child and family health and wellbeing, including the preparation for parenthood, children’s independent mobility and parental fear, media reporting of health issues and its influence on parenting, and the ethical use of social media in family research. Dr Crawford has had significant experience in project management, managing the following research projects:

• “Media reporting of ‘stranger danger’ and other factors relating to children’s independent mobility” which seeks to evaluate the media climate during which Victorian parents reported on their attitudes towards children’s independent mobility via a 2013 Computer-Assisted Telephone Interview.

• "Recruiting and tracing participants via social media: ethics and feasibility" which aims to explore the utility, feasibility and ethical appropriateness of using social media to recruit, trace and retain families in research.

• "Parental fear as a barrier to children's independent mobility and resultant physical activity", which explored parental attitudes to children's independent mobility, identified the drivers of parental fear, and identified strategies to promote independent mobility and incidental physical activity for Victorian children. This three-year research project was funded by VicHealth.

Sharinne is currently co-supervisor for two PhD students. She has tutored for several years in undergraduate health promotion and research units at a number of Universities, and currently tutors into the Nursing and Midwifery Research unit (NSG2NMR) at La Trobe University.


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