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Dr Shuo Ding Team Leader Intelligent Transport Syst, CTI

Team Leader Intelligent Transport Systems

PhD in Wireless Communications/Telecommunications (UniSA)

Expertise in Intelligent Transportation Systems and Smart Applications, Dedicated Short Range Communications Technology (IEEE DSRC/WAVE, ETSI ITS G5), Vehicular Networks, GIS (Geographic Information System), GPS, Machine-To-Machine Communications, Embedded Systems R&D

• Intelligent Applications for ARM based Embedded Systems (DSRC 5.9GHz Cohda Radio, BusyBox O.S., Linux/C++)
• DSRC PHY/MAC, WAVE standards (IEEE 1609.1-4), ITS G5 DSRC Standard (European)
• Geographic Information System (GIS) Applications, Human-Machine-Interface, Data Mining/Analysis, Machine Learning, GPS, OSM/Google Mapping
• ITS system software development and system integration
• V2X security for autonomous vehicles based on ETSI V2V security standards
• Vehicular Networks Modelling and Simulation(Unix Distributed Simulator)

• Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) to Improve Safety at Level Crossings based on DSRC Technology, AutoCRC, VIC Government, Melbourne Metro, VLINE 2010-2013
• Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) for Level Crossing Safety based on DSRC Technology, Queensland Government, Queensland Rail (Townsville) 2013-2014
• Cooperative ITS System for Autonomous Vehicles based on DSRC Technology, Eastlink, VicRoads 2016-present
• Cooperative ITS System for Tram Traffic Priority Management based on DSRC Technology, Yarra Trams, VicRoads 2016-present
• Vehicle Number Plate Safety based on Wireless Identification Technologies, VicRoads, 2018-present


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