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Associate Professor Simon Egerton Deputy Head of Dept, Computer Sc & IT, Comp Sci & Info Tech

I have been an academic for just over a decade after a spell in industry where I was responsible for designing and implementing embedded and real-time systems. I have a background in hardware, software and artificial intelligence and have applied these interests to the area of intelligent autonomous robots and more recently to ideas of human robot interaction. I have a passion for disruptive technology and the application of open source technologies, including open embedded systems and open 3D manufacturing platforms, to help drive social entrepreneurship and address real world problems for people in the community.

I am co-founder and director of the Creative Science Foundation (CSf), a non-profit foundation dedicated to exploring the use of science fiction as a means to motivate and direct research into new technologies. The recent Creative Robotix project from CSf is currently being adopted into schools across the region and further afield.

I currently hold an adjunct position with Monash University and I am a visiting member of the Intelligent Inhabited Environments Group at the University of Essex in the United Kingdom. Applied areas of research interest include Health (telemedicine, social robot platforms), Agricultural Technology (internet of smart things, precision agriculture with autonomous robotic technology), and Smart Cities (internet of smart things). If you would like to explore collaborations in the above areas, or are interested to pursue a higher degree by research please reach out to me for discussion.


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