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Dr Shane Erickson Lecturer Speech Pathology, Speech Pathology

Shane completed his PhD in the area of adult stuttering where he developed and trialled an Internet delivered speech restructuring treatment program. Other research endeavours in the field of stuttering include investigating the psychosocial impact of stuttering on adults and adolescents and looking at novel ways to measure stuttering and social participation. Recently Shane has been involved in several research teams working on projects addressing access to services using technology in the fields of stuttering, autism and speech sound disorders. This has included working in a multi-disciplinary team of allied health and computer engineering researchers to design a suite of software technology packages that could be used with mobile tablets and smart phones to assist children with significant speech development problems.

Shane's teaching focuses mainly on research methodology and evidence-based practice subjects. He is the subject coordinator for the core first year subject Research and Evidence in Practice and the third year Speech Pathology subject Evidence Based Practice in Speech Pathology. Shane is the course coordinator for the Master of Speech Pathology program and is leading the discipline in a significant re-design of the course curriculum to be rolled out from 2021.

Shane has significant clinical experience in the treatment of paediatric and adult stuttering and consults from a private speech pathology clinic in East Malvern. He is also a clinical educator in the La Trobe Communication Clinic.


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