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Dr Stacey Hokke Research Fellow, Judith Lumley Centre

Dr Stacey Hokke is an early career researcher in the Transition to Contemporary Parenthood Program at the Judith Lumley Centre. Her research focuses on supporting the health and social and emotional wellbeing of parents and seeks to identify evidence-based strategies that promote health and wellbeing, support mothers and fathers in their parenting role, and foster gender equality and health equity.

Dr Hokke’s current research examines the key challenges facing parents in contemporary society. She investigates how workplaces can better support parents to reduce work-family conflict, promote parent health and wellbeing, and enable gender equality in the division of work and care. Her research also examines the ethics of using the internet and social media to recruit and retain participants in research, the role of social media during the transition to parenthood, and the experiences of parents with childhood maltreatment during the perinatal and early parenting period.

Stacey has a background in intergenerational health and developmental biology, having completed a PhD in 2015 examining the effect of maternal diabetes on fetal growth, kidney development and renal health in adulthood.


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