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Dr Seyed Mohammad Sadegh Khaksar Lecturer in Management, Sports Management

I am a Lecturer in Management at La Trobe Business School, where I teach subjects relating to innovation and technology strategy and project management. I completed my PhD at La Trobe Business School, La Trobe University and holds a Master of Information Technology Management (majoring in Total Quality Management) and Bachelor of Business Administration.

My teaching philosophy is to continually improve graduate employability outcomes for my students to develop their skills and capabilities, based on industry skills, using innovative methods of teaching such as real-world learning, brainstorming, simulation, blended learning and flipped learning models. I have been able to make a further considerable contribution to La Trobe Business School in my capacity as a "Digital Champion", with the aim to make our students desirable and, employable and effective in a market where an understanding of, and skills in, digital disruption is in demand. I have a 'Graduate Certificate in Higher Education Curriculum, Teaching and Learning' that has played a crucial role in my professional career especially in designing and developing undergraduate and postgraduate subjects.

My research focuses on digital transformation in general and innovation and technology strategy and management in particular, with a focus on how new and established firms adapt to technological change, enter new markets and develop a roadmap toward digital excellence. I am also a recognized researcher in innovation, entrepreneurship, and value creation, co-authoring high-quality journal articles with international researchers and attending high-recognized conferences and events in managing technology and innovation.

Professionally, I perform as a digital transformation consultant to corporations and start-ups in healthcare (e.g. aged care and autism care), oil and gas (e.g. those in the Middle-East), and professional services and knowledge-based firms in both developing and advanced economic systems. With a focus on evidence-based methodological approaches, I help contemporary firms identify ways to adopt digital and innovation solutions, adopt hybrid agile and lean strategies, and become more customer-centric by implementing strategic changes with the help of emerging technologies.

Current PhD Supervision:
+ Digital Disruption in the Australian Banking Sector: A Framework for Critical Issue Diagnosis
and Treatment in the Adoption of Cryptocurrency 2019 -
+ Service Innovation Using Social Robots to Enhance Primary School Education 2019 -

Research Projects:
+ 10/2018 - 01/02/2020 Internal Grant: Role of technological-innovative behaviours (cognitive style) in the relationship between social network of actors and supply chain resilience in aged care supply chain in Australia – AUD 20,000
+ 01/2018 - 12/2018 External project from HWNS in collaboration with HCI. The project is titled: 'Learning about learners' experience with assistive technologies in special developmental schools – AUD 20,000
+ 06/2016 – 12/2017 2016 LTB School Internal Research Grants Scheme (IRGS) for investigating on moderating effects of organizational culture on the relationship between knowledge sharing and service innovation capabilities – AUD 7,000.
+ 10/2012 – 04/2016 Prestigious David Myers Research Scholarship, La Trobe University.
+ 10/2012 – 04/2016 International Postgraduate Research Scholarship, La Trobe University


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