Dr Salman Maqbool Academic, Physics

Dr Salman Maqbool is an academic staff currently engaged in teaching and research supervision at Department of Engineering. He received his BSc Engineering degree with majors in Metallurgy and Materials Engineering from University of the Punjab, Pakistan in 2010. Then he obtained his MS Engineering degree majoring in Clean Energy and Chemical Engineering from University of Science and Technology, South Korea in 2014. He then completed his PhD degree in Physics from La Trobe University, Australia in 2018.
During his MS Engineering degree (Sep. 2011 - Feb. 2014), he was also appointed as Research Assistant (full-time) at the Centre for Materials Architecturing, Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), South Korea. The role involved research in the field of Materials Chemistry, including synthesis, characterization and industrialization of inorganic catalyst system for treating nitric oxide in industrial exhaust gases.
His PhD research at La Trobe University revolved around the structural characterisation of defects-induced synthetic nanodiamonds for application as cellular biomarkers. This included first-ever proof-of-principle mapping of nanometre-scale strain distribution within commercial nanodiamonds, as well as creating new defects in nanodiamonds using ion implantation to enhance their fluorescence.
After his PhD, he also worked as Research Assistant at RMIT University (Melbourne), Australia for designing and carrying out experiments on recycling of waste material called dross obtained from galvanising process for steel. The main objectives of the project were to recycle zinc metal, as well as to recycle iron-zinc intermetallic compound to explore its potential application as filler material for composites.


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