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Associate Professor Stephen Morey Associate Professor, Linguistics

Stephen Morey's research is undertaken in Assam and Arunachal Pradesh States, India, as well in the neighbouring areas of Burma. His research covers three language groups: Tai, Singpho and Tangsa. Stephen has transcribed and analysed a large corpus of text in these various languages. In many cases the languages that Stephen is researching had never been recorded before he commenced his work. A huge number of recordings are now being archived to help preserve the linguistic diversity of the India-Burma border. A particular area of Stephen's interest is traditional song, particularly ritual songs. In 2016-19 he is leading a project to examine the Tangsa Wihu Song.

In addition, Stephen has also worked on the Aboriginal languages of Victoria, Australia, particularly Yorta Yorta (formerly spoken on the Murray River), Woiwurrung (the Aboriginal language of Melbourne) and Mathi-Mathi / Wati-Wati (Murray River from Swan Hill to Mildura and lower Murrumbidgee. A current project is to study the traditional songs of Aboriginal people in Victoria, mostly written down as text only in manuscripts, but some of which were recorded on tape. These represent only a tiny portion of the incredible richness of the poetic and musical traditions of the Aboriginal people of Victoria.

After completing his PhD at Monash University in 2002, Stephen joined what is now the Centre for Research on Language Diversity in 2003.


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