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Professor Simon Pervan HOD Entrepreneurship, Innov and Mkting, Entrepreneurship Innovation & Marketing

Simon Pervan is Professor of Marketing and Department Head of Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Marketing at La Trobe Business School. He is an expert on service workers, advertising effectiveness and consumer behaviour, scale development and professional doctoral programs. Thus, his research covers a range of areas including:

1. Service workers – published work includes the importance of upholding a norm of reciprocity in strong professional service B2B relationships; the potential for customer citizenship behaviours in response to service worker behaviour; mitigation strategies to prevent stigmatised service worker attrition during crisis events; and team optimisation amongst service workers and customers for co-design.

2. Advertising effectiveness and consumer behaviour – published work includes consumer response to advertising given message framing, product placement, model size, tone of advertising, as well as the assessment of individual differences like disillusionment toward marketing and desire for intimacy in brand based social media sites.

3. The development of measures (scales) to enable empirical research into marketing - This has led to published work on Consumer Citizenship Behaviour, Reciprocity, and Consumer Disillusionment.

4. The development and facilitation of Professional Doctorates – This led to a $220K, two year OLT (Category 1) grant, examining the resource requirements of professional doctoral candidates in Australian business schools. Also, published work on best practice in the support of doctoral programs tasked with solving practical business problems.

Simon was Co Editor in Chief of the Journal of Consumer Behaviour 2009-2015 (Wiley) overseeing the award of a Thomson Reuters Impact Factor and rise from first it first 2013 score of 0.746 to 1.481 in 2017.

Simon is also co-author of one of Europe’s leading Strategic Brand Management Research and Text books in Strategic Brand Management 3E, 2015, with Richard Rosenbaum-Elliot and Larry Percy, Oxford Uni Press.


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