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Dr Scott Ruddock Lecturer (Rehabilitation Counselling), Rehabilitation Counselling

In 2016, I completed my Ph.D. in Psychology at the Australian Catholic University. My thesis examined the changing nature of online motor control in primary school children with and without coordination difficulties. Research into the mechanisms of children's movement problems, as seen in conditions such as Developmental Coordination Disorder, is an area that I continue to investigate. Recently, I joined research teams to evaluate the stigma associated with depression in CEOs and managers, and in male dominated industries such as construction, mining and Australian Rules Football.

Outside of my research interests, I have also worked as a crisis telephone counsellor for over five years. Skills and knowledge are integrated into subjects within the Masters of Rehabilitation Counselling course. My teaching philosophy is to enhance the learning experience of my students by presenting them with relevant theory and evidence, and encourage critical thinking when evaluating research.

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