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Dr Susan White Academic, Ecology, Environment & Evolution

I obtained B.A (1965), Dip. Ed. (1966), B.Sc (1977) degrees from the University of Melbourne with majors in Geography, History and Geology. These were followed by M.Sc. in Geography (Melb) (1984) titled Karst landforms and their relationship to Pleistocene dune ridges, Bats Ridge, Portland, Victoria. I obtained my Ph.D. at LaTrobe in Earth sciences in 2005 with a thesis titled Karst and Landscape Evolution in parts of the Gambier Karst Province, Southeast South Australia and Western Victoria, Australia.
My research interests are predominantly geomorphological, particularly karst geomorphology, landscape evolution and karst hydrogeology. In particular I am interested in karst geomorphology of Cainozoic limestones and Proterozoic dolomites. I also have a strong interest in geological heritage and conservation as convenor of the Standing Committee for Geological Heritage for the Geological Society of Australia.
I have taught is a wide range of secondary and tertiary institutions before working at La Trobe.


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