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Dr Kha Phan Research Officer, Biochemistry

Dr Phan (PhD awarded in December 2017) is a early career researcher who has published ~30 papers (with 8 first- and co-corresponding authored publications) in influential journals such as Nature Immunology, Science Advances, Nature Communications, Trends in Pharmacological Sciences, PNAS, and Cell Death & Differentiation. His research has also been recognised through a number of prestigious awards and prizes including a Nancy Millis medal for theses of exceptional merit, travel fellowships and young investigator prizes. Dr Phan has been awarded four project grants (as lead or sole-chief investigator) so as to extend his interests in cell death and infection as well as to establish a niche for his research career focusing on developing apoptotic extracellular vesicle-based therapies.He is also interested in developing novel therapeutics that target phosphoinositides, a particular group of lipids, though minor, frequently exploited by tumour cells and pathogens. He is extensively trained in biochemical and cell biological techniques, including cell death analyses and microscopy. With his passion for science and promoting research, he is aiming to become an independent researcher with his own laboratory while progressively being involved in inspiring public audience through public lectures, Outreach programs and social media.


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