Dr Khoa Phan Senior Lecturer in Internet of Things, Comp Sci & Info Tech

***I'm looking for research assistants and postdocs. If you have a PhD, are currently in Australia, and have a strong research record in wireless communications, IoT, optimization, and machine learning etc., please feel free to contact me for further discussions.***

Dr Khoa Phan is currently a Australian Research Council Discovery Early Career Research Award (ARC DECRA) Senior Research Fellow (2020-2023) and Senior Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science and Information Technology, School of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences, La Trobe University, VIC, Australia.

He received the B.Eng. degree in Telecommunications (First Class Honors) from the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Sydney, NSW, Australia, in 2006, the M.Sc. degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, Canada, in 2008, and California Institute of Technology (Caltech), Pasadena, CA, USA, in 2009, respectively, and the Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from McGill University, Montreal, QC, Canada in 2017. He was a researcher at the Electrical Engineering Department, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Los Angeles, CA, USA, from 2009 to 2011. From January 2017 to July 2018, he was a Research Fellow in the Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering Department at Monash University, Clayton, VIC, Australia.

His research interests are broadly design, control, optimization, and security of next-generation communications networks with applications in the Internet of Things (IoT), satellite systems, smart grids, and cloud computing. He is keen on applying machine learning tools such as deep learning, federated learning into designing intelligent secure cyber physical systems.

He has been awarded several prestigious student and research fellowships including the Australian Development Scholarship (UNSW), the Alberta Ingenuity Fund Student Fellowship and the iCORE Graduate Student Award (Alberta), the Atwood Fellowship (Caltech), the McGill Doctoral Engineering Award and the SRTelecom Doctoral Award (McGill), and ARC DECRA.

His research has been supported by several competitive ARC grants such as ARC Discovery Project (2019-2022, $420,000) and ARC DECRA (2020-2023, $424,000), CRC SmartSAT (2020-2022, $105,000), and multiple industry grants including Industry PhD scholarships.

In addition to his academic activities, Dr Khoa Phan plays an instrumental role in establishing international partnerships between La Trobe and Vietnamese institutions. He is the finalist for the La Trobe Innovative Staff Award 2019 for ``initiating international strategic partnership and articulation programs to improve student enrollment and quality in Engineering and IT in LTU Bendigo''.
PhD SCHOLARSHIPS: Students with strong background in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and Applied Mathematics or other relevant areas are welcome to contact me for potential PhD research with full scholarships. I'm constantly looking for outstanding PhD students with interests in applications of machine learning in wireless communications networks.

Please send me your CV and transcripts, and indicate your research interests.

VISITING STUDENTS AND SCHOLARS: If your research background fits my research interests, please send your CV to me, indicating potential areas of collaboration. I'm happy to invite and sponsor you to visit La Trobe University.


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