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Dr Tim Andrews Academic, Sociology

Teaching associate in the Department of Social Inquiry and Thesis Eleven Forum for Social and Political Theory media project officer.

With a strong foundation in social theory, sociology and philosophy my research interests are diverse and many. I am primarily concerned by everyday and global cultures, the globalisation of modernity and how the interpretation and theorisation of broader social and historical phenomenon can contribute to addressing the complexity of contemporary social issues and social change. The rapid pace of social transformation and the resulting contingency, precariousness and anxieties of contemporary society confront sociologists and social theorists with the task of studying a dynamic environment within which they are themselves located. This challenge requires creative theoretical innovation, a commitment to self-reflexivity and multidisciplinary modes of social research that maintain a strong empirical foundation. I am motivated by this overarching, self-reflexive approach to social research and hope to engage with more focused research projects in such a way that cultivates a reciprocal dialogue between social theory, empirical sociology and everyday experience.

I also have an intimate knowledge of diverse cultures having lived, worked and studied in several countries including China, Malaysia, the Philippines, Canada and the UK and have travelled extensively to remote regions throughout Eastern and Southeastern Asia. I speak fluent Mandarin and am especially interested in Chinese modernity and culture.


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