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Professor Antony Bacic Professor of Plant Biology, Animal Plant & Soil Sciences

Professor Tony Bacic is Director of the La Trobe Institute for Agriculture & Food (LIAF), La Trobe University. Internationally recognized as a leader in plant biotechnology, his research is focused on the structure, function and biosynthesis of plant cell walls and their biotechnological application as well as the application of functional genomics tools in biological systems.

From 1996 to 2017, Professor Bacic held a Personal Chair in the School of BioSciences at the University of Melbourne. Leader of the Australian Research Council (ARC) Centre of Excellence in Plant Cell Walls team at the University of Melbourne (2011-2017), he was also Deputy Director of that Centre, and Director of the Plant Cell Biology Research Centre at the School of BioSciences. Professor Bacic has had numerous leadership roles within the University of Melbourne, the ARC and NCRIS, including Director Bio21 Molecular Sciences & Biotechnology Institute, Chair ARC Biological Sciences and Biotechnology & LIEF (infrastructure) Panels and Chair Biological Sciences and Biotechnology Panel of the ERA (Excellence in Research Australia), Platform Convenor for Metabolomics Australia, an NCRIS-funded platform within Bioplatforms Australia Pty LTD.

He is a current Board Member of the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria. He is a James Cook University Outstanding Alumnus (2010) and a La Trobe University Distinguished Alumnus (2013).


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