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Triparna De Graduate Researcher, Social Work & Social Policy

I learn through my 10 years of industry work including teaching, by participating in a variety of professional development activities, by listening to my students, by sharing ideas with their colleagues, and by reflecting on classroom interactions and students’ achievements. Therefore, I am constantly reflecting on dynamic, reflective, and constantly evolving teaching methods. I modify my teaching strategies according to the students, subject matter, and learning environment. I encourage learning for understanding and am concerned with developing my students’ critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills, and problem-approach behaviors. I do have the ability to transform and extend knowledge, rather than merely transmit it. I draw on my knowledge of my subject, my knowledge of my learners, and my general pedagogical knowledge to transform the concepts of the discipline into terms that are understandable to their students. I show respect for my students. I am interested in both professional and personal growth. I encourage student’s independence and sustain high expectations of them.

I do have proven track record in supporting, educating and delivering solutions to a diverse group of people from varying cultures, including CALD communities, underpinned by Certificate 111 and postgraduate qualifications. Resourceful, energetic educator, leading the development, delivery, and evaluation of education programs, employing a wide range of teaching methodologies, incorporating dynamic interactive activities. Presentation skills extend to media interviews. Actively builds community support, key coalitions and strategic interagency partnerships, works well with cross-functional teams in a highly regulated quality environment.

Passion for Social work, Driven by Social work, Living in Social work and Energetic educator of social Work


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