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Associate Professor Tracy Fortune Associate Professor, Occupational Therapy

Tracy is Entry Level Courses Coordinator, Discipline of Occupational Therapy at La Trobe University.Tracy's primary teaching responsibility sits within the Master of Occupational Therapy Practice Program. She is actively involved in onging curriculum development. Beginning her academic career in 1996, Tracy had responsibility for developing, teaching and later managing the undergraduate occupational therapy program at Charles Sturt University.

Tracy is interested in supporting academics and students to grow as scholars. She also has a particular interest in how students develop a social justice and political 'mindset' and this interest informs her research and curriculum development work. Tracy is currently leading an LTU-funded, institution-wide research and teaching project focussed on develop global citizenship capabilities among students.

Tracy 's research has utilised qualitative approaches to understand occupation. Her Master's degree focused on her interest in the area of occupation and clinical reasoning. Her dissertation explored the extent to which British occupational therapists working in child and adolescent mental health, drawing from an occupational paradigm to inform their professionl reasoning.Tracy's PhD involved an ethnographic exploration of the occupational environment of acute inpatient mental health facilities for older people.

Tracy is committed to exploring innovative approaches to teaching and learning, the development of health promotion and project management skills among occupational therapists, and in enabling occupational therapists within inpatient mental health facilities to work more collaboratively and with influence.


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