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Dr Theresa Frankel Academic, Office of Life Sciences

Theresa's main interests are in the prevention of nutritional disorders in animals and in understanding their nutritional needs. She has carried out research on both wild and domestic poultry, determining protein requirements and digestibility activity in Little penguins (Eudyptula minor), protein requirements, digestibility and activity of digestive enzymes in rainbow (Trichoglossus haematodus) and musk lorikeets (Glossopsitta concinna). She is interested in interactions of nutrition and immunity in Australian native birds because reductions in their habitats will result in reductions in food availability and this can affect both nutrient and immune status. More recently because of high mortality and morbidity rates in hand-reared neonatal dairy calves her research has been focusing on interactions between diet additives and mucosal immunity. She has also carried out research on the effects of Vitamin D deficiency on muscle, the antagonistic interactions of Vitamins A and D in rats, and on niacin and tryptophan metabolism in cats and the consequences of high salt and ammonia concentrations in Australian silver and golden perch.


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