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Dr Trevor Hogan Adjunct Senior Research Fellow, Sociology

Research: Trevor is Director, Research, School of Humanities and Social Sciences. He is also Director of Thesis Eleven Centre for Cultural Sociology and Director of the Philippines-Australia Studies Centre.

Research Training: He is currently principal supervisor of 13 doctoral candidates and co-supervisor of 3 doctoral candidates. In 2015 he oversaw three successful Ph.D. completions and his student, Dr Edwin Wise, won the Rhys Isaac Prize for the best doctoral thesis in Humanities and Social Sciences for March 2014 to June 2015.

Teaching: Trevor has taught for many years across all years and sociology topics. In 2015 he designed the curriculum for three new subjects (Sciology of Culture Theory, Culture and Society, When the Levee Breaks) and coordinated teaching teams across the regional campuses. As well, he contributed to the digital learning programs for two of these subjects.

'When the Levee Breaks: New Orleans and the Mississippi' is a College-wide multi-disciplinary subject involving a field trip to New Orleans, and the Mississippi Delta. With Raul Sanchez-Urribarri and Terrie Waddell and a team of teachers, designers, and community activists at La Trobe and at 3 universities and many other organisations in the American South. The first instance of this subject is 2016 and we will be taking 44 students. 4 HDRs will mentor 36 undergraduates in developing research projects as well as producing a research output themselves for publication. We have organised the the students into groups to match four key Research Focus Area themes of the university's Transforming Human Societies RFA: 1. movements and cultures, 2. sustainability, 3. social and economic justice, and 4. sexuality, gender and human rights.


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