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Dr Troy Lynch Academic, Economics

My Doctor of Philosophy thesis (Australian Postgraduate Award) in economics is entitled: "A Theistic Analysis of the Austrian Theories of Capital and Interest".
This study is an examination of the Austrian School of economics' theories of capital and interest, which defines capital, capital goods and interest exclusively in terms of the want satisfaction of the subjectively evaluating individual. I assessed the theory of reality and theory of knowledge of the Austrians from the perspective of a theistic world-view and found that their rationalist claims that define capital and interest were not justified, notwithstanding their significant contributions to economic science.
LaTrobe University. School of Economics & Finance. 2007 - present: Associate Lecturer
Aust Zeal Media Pty Ltd, 2005 + Director establishment and operation of Aust Zeal Media Pty Ltd, in conjunction with a business partner.
Australian Unity Funds Management (funds manager with $1.5+ billion of funds under management), 2000 - 2003 Research Analyst & Systems Consultant.
National Asset Management (fund manager with $10 billion+ of funds under management, subsidiary of National Australia Bank), 1999 - 2000 Portfolio Analyst - International Equities, Developed Markets.
County Investment Management (now Invesco) (funds manager with $15 billion+ of funds under management), 1995 - 1999 Project Management, Computer Operations & Procurement.
Production Engineering (New Zealand based manufacturer of technology products for the security and oil industries), Australian Account Manager & Technical Marketing Analyst.
International Computers Limited (manufacturer of mainframe and small computer systems subsidiary of Fujitsu Computers), Mainframe & Small Systems Engineer.