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Theo' Davies Adjunct Research Fellow, Chemistry

Antarctic research scientist with more than 40 years tertiary research experience in the UK, Australia and during nine research expeditions to Antarctica.

Research has covered topics across physics, engineering and in particular spectrometry of the middle and upper atmosphere and in other applications made significant advancements with Schlieren photography.
Developed, installed and monitored a totally automatic FPS for Antarctica, operated via a satellite link from LTU, Melbourne, stable enough to operate for a year at a time without adjustment and led to a considerable advance in reliability and cost savings for the AAD and the FPS operation.
Demonstrated leadership, guardianship and counselling as Warden of a University Hall of Residence, and transformed it from solely being a dormitory to building a cohesive community with a sense of belonging amongst disparate social backgrounds and international students from widely varying cultures.
Conducted significant research into, and achieved advancements, with Schlieren photography, with projects in medical science, industry and film and TV documentaries, with many publications.

Education & Professional Qualifications:
Liaison and consultation: Australian Antarctic Division (Australia), Health and Safety Executive (UK), Government Communications Headquarters (UK), Channel 4 TV (UK), MOD Fort Halstead (UK), Kirtland Air Force Base (USA)


selected publications