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Dr Ursula Ellenberg Academic, Ecology, Environment & Evolution

I am an ecologist with a keen interest and broad background in both terrestrial and marine systems. I believe for effective conservation it is important to better understand human-wildlife interaction. Coming from a behavioural ecology background I now increasingly use physiological approaches and tools to better understand the causal mechanisms underlying conservation problems. I am keen to understand how environmental disturbances and threatening processes impact physiological responses and thereby ecological function. Working hand in hand with managers I aim to provide data required for anticipatory management decisions. My research emphasis is on applied ecology, conservation physiology, and wildlife management.

I enjoy the collation and dissemination of scientific information and research results to both professional and non-scientific audiences. My enthusiasm for science communication helped me winning the 2008 MacDiarmid Young Scientist of the Year Award in the category 'Adding Value to Nature'. After more than 15 years of co-ordinating field work and leading research projects in New Zealand, Chile, Canada, Germany, and the Norwegian Arctic, I am looking forward to establishing interesting and relevant research projects in Australia.


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