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Dr Wendy Mee Adjunct Senior Research Fellow, Crime,Justice & Legal Studies

I've conducted research in a number of countries (Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan and the Marshall Islands) and across a number of disciplines (Sociology, Anthropology, Science and Technology Studies and International Development). In the past decade, I have conducted fieldwork in Indonesia on translocal Malay identity processes and considered multiple and competing forms of citizenship and sovereignty in the context of border zones and women's cross-border mobility.

My most recent research interest is located in the comparative study of secularity, in particular, investigating how the concepts of 'secular' and 'religious' are understood and distinguished from each other in different national contexts. One perspective I take is to consider how 'religion' is represented in purportedly 'secular' spaces. Here, I am in the initial stages of a comparative study of how Islam is (re)presented in the secular space of the (post) modern museum in Singapore, Malaysia and Australia.

In my teaching and research, I favour a comparative approach that draws on examples from both the West and the Global South. I find this approach provides a robust perspective from which to evaluate social scientific concepts and theories, such as modernity, agency, post-secularity, globalisation and social change.


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