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Dr Yuri Cath Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, Philosophy

I joined La Trobe in February 2015. Prior to moving here I spent six years working in the UK, first as an AHRC Research Fellow in the Arche Philosophical Research Centre at The University of St Andrews (2008-2012) and then as Lecturer in Philosophy (continuing position) at the University of East Anglia (2012-2014). I completed my PhD in philosophy at the RSSS Philosophy Program at The Australian National University (2009).

My research explores questions in epistemology about the nature and sources of different kinds of knowledge, and the import of these issues for debates in other areas of philosophy including the philosophy of mind and moral philosophy. A great deal of my research to date has been on the distinction between knowledge-how and knowledge-that. I also work on issues concerning philosophical methodology and the evidential role of intuitions in philosophical inquiry. Most recently, I have been trying to better understand the relationship between testimony and different forms of 'knowing-wh' (including 'what it is like'-knowledge, knowing-why, and knowing-how).


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