How can I find more answers about my Scholars profile? ⌄
Contact the implementation team in the Library, They are your power users that can provide more help with your profile. Include a contact number and best time for them to get back to you. Power users help determine who can correct system information that appears on your profile or whether there's a system problem that needs to be addressed.
What does Scholars Search feature? ⌄
The Scholars search results page displays matching people, publications, grants and other scholarship in tabs with filters to make it easier to find what you need.
What does the People tab feature? ⌄
The Scholars tab (in the navigation bar at the top of any page) allows you to browse faculty, non-faculty, and graduate students at La Trobe University. Simply click Scholars and then click the letter that corresponds with the last name of the scholar you are looking for. Click the scholar's name or picture to view their profile. Alternatively, you can click on the magnifying glass on the top Right corner, and type your search term there.
What does the Organisations tab feature? ⌄
The Organisations tab (in the navigation bar at the top of any page) allows you to browse schools, institutes, sub-organisations, and people in organisations. Simply click Organisations and then click a school or institute to browse the sub-organizations and people in that organization.
What does the Research tab feature? ⌄
The Research tab (in the menu bar at the top of any page) allows you to browse for publications, grants, artistic works, and publication venues. Simply click Research and then click to filter for the type of research you are looking for.
How do I update my profile? ⌄
In the top Right hand side of the screen there is a ‘LOG IN’ link to My Publications. Click the link and provide your Username and password to log into My Publications. From there you can edit your profile.
Where does my profile information come from? ⌄
Profiles that are displayed in Scholars@LaTrobe are extracted from My Publications. My Publications is responsible for ‘harvesting’ publications records from external databases for La Trobe University academic staff and published HDR students. Regular updates occur from other trusted sources, including from the HR system and Research Master. The profiles material including the Overview post implementation are the responsibility of the Academic.
Which courses are listed on my profile? ⌄
Scholars@LaTrobe only lists the courses you input into My Publications. Only Courses taught and Courses developed are displayed in your profile.
Can I change publications listed on my profile? ⌄
Yes. Log in to My Publications to add, delete, or hide publications listed on your Scholars@La Trobe profile. If publications are missing, check My Publications to review publications from journal databases that require your approval before they appear in your Scholars profile. The guide to managing your publications can be found here:
Note: If you want to hide a publication, and a co-author at La Trobe University does not also want to hide it, then it will still be displayed in Scholars@La Trobe.
How do I manage my professional activities? ⌄
In My Publications you can add committee and society memberships and events participation details. Select to edit your profile and then navigate to ‘Add a new professional activity’. From the drop down list select the activity you wish to add, and complete the information in the form. Note: Only Committee Membership, Distinction, Event Administration, Event Participation, Fellowship and Membership will be included in Academic Profiles (VIVO). The remaining professional activities, if completed, will appear in the system generated CV.
Does Scholars update my department website? ⌄
Your department website may or may not display Scholars@La Trobe information, depending on the tools used to create your department website. Contact your business manager or web developer to find out how to edit your department website.
How do I change my name or title? ⌄
There are no options for changing your title or the way your name is displayed in My Publications. The HR record is the source of your name and title, and so changes must be made to the source system, for the data to then be included in the My Publications and subsequently Scholars@La Trobe. To update your personal HR details log a request in Service Now
Why don't I see all my degrees? ⌄
Only the degrees entered in My Publications are displayed in Scholars@La Trobe. To add your qualifications log in to My Publications, and click to edit your profile. Scroll down to Education and click Add a degree, and complete the dialogue box. Note: Any changes made to your profile will take up to 24 hours to be reflected in Scholars@La Trobe.
How do I edit the 'Selected Grants' section? ⌄
The Grants section of the Scholars profile displays grants from Research Master, so grants information must be edited in Research Master. Contact the Research Office, Grants team to discuss changes to grants. Only grants without publicity restrictions appear in Scholars@La Trobe. If you don't see a grant listed on your profile, ask the Grants Team in the Research Office to investigate the whether it is ok to publicise and whether it can be changed for that grant.
How often is Scholars updated? ⌄
HR data is loaded into Scholars@La Trobe weekly, so any appointments that are entered into HR should be reflected in the following week. Publications data is automatically updated nightly from the My Publications system.
Are humanities faculty members included in Scholars@La Trobe? ⌄
Scholars@La Trobe includes humanities faculty members and lists their books, chapters and other publications as they are listed in My Publications. Also, Scholars@La Trobe lists artistic works, exhibitions, and performances by faculty members in the arts.
Where do keywords on my profile come from and how do I change them? ⌄
Keywords in Scholars@La Trobe come from subject headings in controlled vocabulary; Expertise. Keywords associated with publications are loaded as metadata along with your publications from My Publications. Users can add or hide keywords by clicking pencil icon next to the Expertise label, when editing their profile in My Publications.
Keywords that describe my Research are not in the list. How can I get them added? ⌄
The ‘Expertise’ controlled vocabulary currently has just under 3,000 keywords from which to select. The initial keywords list was curated from the Fields of research keywords, and those on the existing La Trobe University expert’s website. Additional Keywords can be added to the list by emailing your keywords to Keywords will be added in a batch process and may take up to a fortnight before they appear in the list.
Can non-academic members have profiles? ⌄
Yes. Scholars@La Trobe is a resource for finding expertise and scholarship at La Trobe University. Given that students and research staff may serve an integral role in research, teaching and media comment, Scholars@La Trobe enables profiles to be created for staff and students to display their scholarly contributions, such as peer-reviewed publications, grants, or research interests. For a non-academic to request a profile please email with your request.
How do I link my CV to my profile? ⌄
First, upload a copy of your current CV to a Sharing folder in your OneDrive account. Set the access permissions to "Anyone". Copy the URL provided. In My Publications, go to the Web addresses and social media section. Paste the copied URL into the URL field and add a caption to create the link. Please see the Add a Web Link section in the user guide for further instruction.
Can I generate a CV from profiles? ⌄
Yes. Log into My Publications page, select from the menu tab, click the CV and Reports link to generate a basic CV. Choose between creating a pdf or a Microsoft Word document. Generate a MS Word document, if you wish to edit the information generated from your profile. Please see the Creating a CV section in the user guide for further information.